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The ISCC Foundation#



The ISCC Foundation is an independent international nonprofit organization that promotes information technologies for the purpose of the common good.

In particular the foundation supports and promotes the development and adoption of open standards and open source technologies as well as tools and services that enable individuals and organizations to better create, manage, discover, access, share, and monetize digital content, knowledge and ideas.

The purpose of the foundation is furthermore to collect and distribute funding for research, development, promotion and support of open, interoperable and decentralized content identifier technology for the benefit of all individuals in the creative community as well as media organizations and institutions that deal with digital content.


The ISCC Foundation will:

  • Promote the foundation’s goals online and globally at events and conferences,
  • Offer workshops and online-courses for information and marketing purposes,
  • Develop or sponsor development of open source software,
  • Provide development information, advice or access to developer resources.


The ISCC Foundation is based in Leiden, Netherlands. But we are addressing the global content community. You can meet us in person or online via video conference. Or just send us an e-mail. E-mail: info (at)