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Become a Supporter#

The ISCC Foundation is an independent international nonprofit organization. In order to reach our goals, you can support us in various ways:


Individual or regular financial contributions or donations are welcome. They support the development and communication of the ISCC Standard. Contact us if you need a donation receipt. Please send your donations to:

ISCC Foundation
Boerhaavelaan 99
NL 2334 EG Leiden
IBAN: NL70 INGB 0007 1395 12


We appreciate non-monetary endorsements from interested parties. The ISCC currently is a new Preliminary Work Item (PWI) at ISO/TC 46/SC 9. But any standard will only be relevant, if it is being adopted and used by the community. You can help the ISCC Foundation significantly by proliferating news and information about the ISCC and by linking to the specification and available applications.

Workshops and Online-Courses#

The Foundation will be offering workshops and online-courses to provide knowledge and information about the ISCC. Feel free to reach out if you would like to learn about open, interoperable and decentralized content identifier technology and how the ISCC can be useful for your project and organization.


  • Contribute to the ISCC Specification or Reference Implementation via Github
  • Give us your feedback or request new features via Github Issues


The ISCC can be useful to identify content in transactions on blockchain networks. But it can also be used off-blockchain or even offline. Feel free to reach out to us and engage with the technology. Find out how the ISCC can be of use for you and how you can apply the technology to your business or production processes. We would like to encourage the cultural community, media companies and start-ups to get familiar with the ISCC and build applications and services on top of the technology.